Studio Melusine presents : Molto Vivace

The music is your enemy, the instruments it's minions. The instruments' attacks are synced with the music you hear. Open your ears and try to survive by using WASD to move & Spacebar to Jump.
This game was made in 72 hours on the occasion of the Jamingtons Game Jam 4.0 by a four member team.

Thank you for playing our game! Post your highscore in the comments.

Made withUnity
Tags3D, melody, Music, react


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Wow. This game has breathtaking ambience. Gameplay is also fun. The only thing that you could add is any tutorial, because at the beginning I had some problems with understanding what do I have to do :D Anyway, you've done outstanding job with the song and the graphics! Well done.


Here is the whole song guys!