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Cannot get it to work. When the first screen appears after hitting play, it says "click to skip", but will not do so and will not advance the game

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Have you tried double clicking? or clicking outside of the game area then clicking it again?

The intro is only supposed to last for 45 seconds as well :)

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What are your specs? It could be a memory issue, or it could just be a really long load time depending on your CPU. It could also be a compatibility error on Unity's part.

i agree with BitMorsel its the gameplay passing with no strategy basis needs more work


Interesting concept, although it feels like there isn't enough to do.  I had to keep passing my turn until I got a match, at that point there isn't much strategy in what to do, just play the matches that you have.   Maybe i'm missing something?

That being said, the artwork and music are pleasing.